Sunday, February 6, 2011

On a Recently Neglected but Long Time Love

Namely: Books.

Thanks to my friend Rachel for the inspiration to get back to reading! She recently mentioned a challenge to read 2 books per month. I haven't decided whether I will hold myself to that particularly, but I do plan to start reading more. I don't want to keep wasting time on the computer and facebook when I could be spending my time more profitably.

I actually have a books-to-read list that I started about a year ago. 23 books and 4 booklets have already been checked off! (though granted, 2 books were checked off incomplete because I simply couldn't wade through any more of them) I probably have just as many more on my list - and I'm constantly adding to it! I'm now working on finishing some of the books I've already started. I almost always am in the middle of at least a half dozen books. Variety is the spice of life, right?!

Here's some of the books I recently finished or am trying to finish soon:
  • The Six Days of Genesis by Paul Taylor [Great book of an apologetic of Genesis 1-11. I have read and studied some on creation apologetics and I learned several new things. Not quite what I would consider "verse by verse" but good nonetheless.]
  • Thousands, Not Billions by Dr. Don DeYoung [Had some great information and new discoveries that confirm the Biblical account of a young earth - BUT - highly technical. For the most part I was able to understand the gist of it all, but it goes in to greater depth of knowledge than I currently posses.]
  • William Cowper by George M. Ella [William Cowper fascinates me so I was excited to find a biography on him. I love all the quotes from his poems and writing the author includes. However, the biographical part of it is very dry and hard to get through. It focuses more on his beliefs/opinions and impact than his actual life... at least so far.]
  • Follow Me as I Follow Christ by Cheryl Dunlop [A guide for teaching children. Found it in the bargain section at Mardel's. I've enjoyed it - it's pretty good.]

I've been thinking about what all I want to read and study about. I'm thinking of re-organizing my booklist into these categories so if I'm going to read a dozen books, I might as well have one in each category! ;) -
  • Ancient history and its relation to the Bible
  • Creation apologetics
  • Church history
  • Biographies
  • Christian living/Discipleship
  • Just for Fun

And if you have any recommendations for books in these categories (or other categories to suggest) - let me know! I'm always up for more good books to read! (anyone know of a good biography on D.L. Moody or Ira Sankey?)