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On a Recently Neglected but Long Time Love

Namely: Books.
Thanks to my friend Rachel for the inspiration to get back to reading! She recently mentioned a challenge to read 2 books per month. I haven't decided whether I will hold myself to that particularly, but I do plan to start reading more. I don't want to keep wasting time on the computer and facebook when I could be spending my time more profitably.
I actually have a books-to-read list that I started about a year ago. 23 books and 4 booklets have already been checked off! (though granted, 2 books were checked off incomplete because I simply couldn't wade through any more of them) I probably have just as many more on my list - and I'm constantly adding to it! I'm now working on finishing some of the books I've already started. I almost always am in the middle of at least a half dozen books. Variety is the spice of life, right?!
Here's some of the books I recently finished or am trying to finish soon: The Six Days of Genesis by Paul Taylor…