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Divided the Movie - My Thoughts

I recently watched the documentary “Divided” by the Leclerc Brothers and promoted by the National Center for Family Integrated Churches.The following are some of my thoughts concerning this film.I’m going to start off with the concerns and disagreements I had with the film.I found parts of the film highly ironic and actually contradictory.It was stated and inferred several times throughout the film that the purpose of youth ministry was to draw kids’ hearts away from their parents and to usurp the parent’s role in raising and discipling their kids.What was ironic was that most of the youth pastors they interviewed said the exact opposite.They stated that it was their desire and intent to work alongside the parents and support and uphold what the parents are teaching.They didn’t want to take the parent’s roles or the parent’s place in these kid’s hearts.I’m surprised that such a blatant contradiction was allowed to remain in the film.I was confused by the way they referred to various m…