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George Mueller

Now, if I, a poor man, simply by prayer and faith, obtained, without asking any individual, the means for establishing and carrying on an Orphan House: there would be something which, with the Lord’s blessing, might be instrumental in strengthening the faith of the children of God, … but still the first and primary object of the work was (and still is), that God might be magnified by the fact, that the Orphans under my care are provided all they need, only by prayer and faith, without any one being asked by me or my fellow-labourers, whereby it may be seen, that God is FAITHFUL STILL, AND HEARS PRAYERS STILL.The above is a quote from George Mueller's autobiography "A Million and a Half in Answer to Prayer". (pg. 81 to be precise, emphasis is original) George Mueller was a man of great, abiding, unshakable faith in God. It amazes me how his faith remained so strong in the midst of all the many and varied trials his ministry went through. What a godly legacy he has left…

Quotes [#2]

"My life has been hidden with Christ (the left hand) in God the Father (the right hand). Nothing can touch my life that has not been allowed to touch my life by passing through both the Son and the Father. Nothing, then, is going to happen to me by accident, nothing that is outside of my loving Father's control. He who spoke the worlds into existence exercises the same power in keeping me safe in His love." James R. White

Uncovering the Intelligent Design Movement

[The following is an article I wrote on the Intelligent Design movement for an apologetics class I took a year and a half ago.]
There is a movement in the science world today that is gaining much attention and press.Intelligent Design (hereafter referred to as ID) has an appealing name to those of us who believe the Bible is God’s Word and take Genesis as a literal historical account.Yet, many of us don’t really know much about it other than what we hear from the secular media.What should we know about ID?Is it just a new name for Biblical creationism?In this article I’d like to give you a brief overview of the good and bad aspects of this movement and how we, as Bible-believing Christians, should view and act towards it.The Discovery Institute, a home for the ID movement, describes ID as such – “The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selectio…

The Snow Globe

If you came into our living room you would see a sofa table layered with picture frames. Nothing too out of the ordinary there. But you would also see 2 figurines of Disney characters, Woody and Jessie. (why those in particular is another story for another day) They look a little out of place with the beautiful furniture, frames and photographs. But they hold deep significance for me.
I found the second piece on a recent trip to the mall. Naturally, I had to peek into the Disney store. While browsing around, a small snow globe caught my eye. I was simply drawn to it and couldn't stop staring at it. I noticed something that seemed unusual to me in my limited snow globe knowledge.
The main characters were separated. Snow globes that I normally see have the main characters together inside the globe. But this one was different. Woody was inside the snow globe that rested on top of an old TV set while Jessie sat next to it and gazed inside.
And I realized something while looki…

Quotes [#1]

I love quotes. I love collecting them, writing them down, and re-reading them from time to time.
I found this quote in a book I just finished. I found it to be not only excellent, but quite challenging and convicting as well.
"If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare composed poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of Heaven and earth will pause to say, 'Here lived a great street sweeper, who did his job well.'" - Martin Luther King
"Who did his job well." Is that not our goal to hear this? "Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master." (Matt. 25:21)