The Snow Globe

If you came into our living room you would see a sofa table layered with picture frames. Nothing too out of the ordinary there. But you would also see 2 figurines of Disney characters, Woody and Jessie. (why those in particular is another story for another day) They look a little out of place with the beautiful furniture, frames and photographs. But they hold deep significance for me.

I found the second piece on a recent trip to the mall. Naturally, I had to peek into the Disney store. While browsing around, a small snow globe caught my eye. I was simply drawn to it and couldn't stop staring at it. I noticed something that seemed unusual to me in my limited snow globe knowledge.

The main characters were separated. Snow globes that I normally see have the main characters together inside the globe. But this one was different. Woody was inside the snow globe that rested on top of an old TV set while Jessie sat next to it and gazed inside.

And I realized something while looking at it. That's often how I feel. Just like Jessie. Her friend is so close she can practically touch him and hear him, yet she's separated by the surrounding wall of glass. Though he's near, she can't reach him. Similarly, Daniel is so near to me I can almost see him, touch him, hear him... through memories, pictures, his stuff laying around... Yet, as near as he seems at times - I can't reach him. I can't really see him or hug him or hear his voice. He too is behind a wall that I cannot cross. Someday I will. But today, the snow globe symbolizes the the poignant reality that is now my life.


  1. {hugs}, dear girl. I love this post. :) So sweet & touching. Praying for grace...

  2. This is a beautiful way of sharing how you feel, Emmie. I think about y'all so many times during each day - pray for you often, too! Love you!

  3. As always, I'm praying for you sweet friend. :) *hugs*

  4. It is not out of place at all! It belongs right there with the pictures! ♥ Love, Mom

  5. This post almost made me cry girl. As soon as I saw the picture of the snow globe, I knew what it meant to you. I can't imagine how hard and lonely you must feel at times. Just know that Rachel and I are praying for you and think of you often. We send HUGE hugs your way! We love you so much girl! I hope your day is full of happiness and wonderful new memories.

    With Much Love,

    (Rachel would come on and say something but she is staying off the internet this month so, I'm sending hugs to you from her.) <3

  6. Emily,
    That is beautiful. I'm so glad to see the lessons God is teaching you and the growing that you are doing with God.
    I love you very much and miss you a lot.
    - Annah
    (Sorry about all those sign in names, that was the only way it would let me sign in.)


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